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IJBaan Cable Car by UNStudio

IJBaan Cable Car by: UNStudio

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What is it?

The Ohlone Sky Aerial Tram Coalition is a group of diverse organizations that support improving public transit to under-served areas; access to San Francisco’s jobs for the region’s workforce; congestion relief; and pollution reduction. The Coalition advocates for the further study, development, and preservation of potential sites for an aerial gondola between Yerba Buena and Treasure Islands. The Coalition's goal is to secure support from the city and county of San Francisco, regional and congressional leaders, and local, state, regional and federal regulatory bodies, to approve and fund this aerial tram project.

Coalition Members:

Why should you join?

At the moment, 8,000 units of housing for 20,000+ people are being built on Treasure Island and the City is ramping up ferry service. Unfortunately, the population will quickly outpace current and future planned buses and ferries. This can easily be solved.

We propose a gondola (aerial cable car) between San Francisco, Yerba and Treasure Islands. This is a timely, efficient, effective and reliable carbon-neutral solution. The benefits are considerable. It will become a major tourist draw. It will provide vital transit infrastructure. And notably, there is no impact to Bay Bridge traffic.

Together a vibrant Treasure Island is a better Bay Area. Bay to Sky. Ohlone Sky.

Join the coalition: ohlonesky@duck.com

Ohlone Sky


Please direct media inquiries, comments and questions to: ohlonesky@duck.com

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